Welcome to the Uptown Medical Clinic at Wal-Mart

Walk-In Clinic, No Appointment Required

We will see you for any medical issue. If you have a Family Doctor that is not at our clinic we will send them a copy of our visit note.

Open Access Family Practice

Open access means you don’t need an appointment, just walk-in and you will be seen. All your notes from previous visits will be visible to the Doctor and you are encouraged to try and see the same Doctor each time you come by planning your visit at a time when your Doctor is working (see Doctors Schedule on this web-site). Dr. Anna Robinson, Dr. Kobus de Jager,  work predominantly by open access.

Booked Family Practice

Dr. Philip Kelly works predominantly by appointment (see Contact Us)

Don’t Sit and Wait: Take a free pager, go shopping and we’ll call you when it is your turn.

Frosted Windows (for your privacy): But warm and friendly inside, “Come On In”.

Electronic Medical Records: Makes continuity of care easy, which means better health care, even if you are seeing a different Doctor they have all your previous information at their finger-tips on our computer.