General Services

At Uptown Medical Clinic you can walk-in and see a Doctor for assessments for:

Acute Illnesses (When You Have Recently Become Unwell): We will assess, investigate and treat all illnesses as necessary

On Site Testing:

Rapid Strep Tests completed in 6 minutes are available ($10) to decide if you need antibiotics for a sore throat

Urine Dip Tests to diagnoses urinary tract infections

Pregnancy Tests performed on a urine specimen for accurate, instant results

Depo Provera:  Injection for contraception: any of the Doctors

Stop Smoking:  Our Doctors can help, advice and presribe free anti-craving medicine or nicotine replacement therapy currently available from the BC Government  (Also see and

Medication Renewals: Assessment and renewal of prescriptions

Off-Work Notes: Require a Doctors assessment and cost $10

Chronic Diseases (Long Lasting Illnesses): if you don’t have a family doctor and you have two of the following:

• Heart Disease: Angina, Ischemic Heart Disease, Blocked Heart Arteries
• Diabetes
• Lung Disease: Asthma, COPD, Emphysema, Chronic bronchitis, or Smokers’ Lung, Fibrosis, Asbestosis
• Liver Disease: Hepatitis, Cirrohsis
• Neurodegenerative Disease: Dementia, Altzheimers
• Congestive Cardiac Failure: Heart Failure, Fluid on the Lung
• Chronic Renal Failure: Kidney Failure

We will care for those illnesses including performing an annual overview of the management of those illness called a Complex Care Plan

• Lacerations: Cuts Needing Sutures (Stitches) , or Dressings
• Workers Compensation Board Claims

Medicals: For Driving, Employment, Insurance Etc (Usually Subject To An Additional Fee)